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Uncomfortable conversations in public washrooms

Ever since I was a teenager it was always a bit of an awkward moment when another dude would come empty their socket in the urinal next to mine. "How's it hanging, Paulie" is something I'd get asked quite often. Now we all know this type of a question is not meant to be answered but still it made for some uncomfortable moments. I mean, you couldn't answer "straight up" that wasn't cool (especially in an all-boys High School). Would low hanging have sounded any better?

As I got older, there came to be several of these "weird moments" whether they'd be in a public restroom or in the corporate one. It's no secret. Teenagers, men occasionally tend to play "peak-a-poo" when standing side by side at a urinal. Now they'll often be adept at keeping it subtle or discreet, but as a guy you just have that "sixth sense" that there's been that glance or two.

And we all know the pride many men have about being "well-equipped" in that department. In High School, ribbing amongst teens was quite common back in the day (and I assume today as well). Even now when I get together with the boys, this type of silly talk will rear its ugly head, especially after a few drinks. Hung like a horse, Lasso, Big Hammer are all expressions you hear guys use amongst each other. Macho men being macho men if you will....

Maybe there is, after all, some truth to the claims made by many women, that men really do think with their .....low-hanging fruits.

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