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Bimotion. Two Stroke Engine Simulation 2t

Bimotion: A Powerful and User-Friendly Software for Two Stroke Engine Simulation

Two stroke engines are widely used in various applications, such as motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiles, chainsaws, and more. However, designing and tuning a two stroke engine can be a challenging task, requiring a lot of knowledge and experience. That's why Bimotion, a Swedish company founded in 1991, has developed a series of software programs that can help anyone, from amateurs to professionals, to create and optimize their own two stroke engine designs.


Bimotion software is based on advanced simulation algorithms that can accurately model the complex physical phenomena that occur in a two stroke engine, such as gas flow, pressure waves, heat transfer, combustion, and more. The software can also perform various analyses, such as performance prediction, port timing optimization, exhaust system design, cylinder head design, and more. The software can handle any type of two stroke engine, from small 50cc scooters to big bore 500cc race bikes.

Why You Should Buy Bimotion Software

One of the main advantages of Bimotion software is its user-friendly interface, which allows the user to easily input the engine parameters and see the results in graphical and numerical form. The software also provides helpful recommendations and tips for different tuning levels and goals. The user can also compare different engine designs and see how they affect the performance and efficiency of the engine.

Bimotion software is not only a powerful design tool, but also an educational resource that can help the user to learn more about the theory and practice of two stroke engine tuning. The software contains a lot of information and explanations about the various aspects of two stroke engine operation and design. The user can also experiment with different settings and see how they affect the engine behavior and output.

How to Buy Bimotion Software

Bimotion software is available for purchase on the company's website ([1]). The software comes with a lifetime license and free updates and support for the first four years. The user can also buy additional four years of maintenance and support at any time at 25% of the current new price. Bimotion software is portable and non-hardware dedicated, meaning that it can run on any computer without requiring any special hardware or installation.


If you are interested in two stroke engine simulation and tuning, Bimotion software is a great choice for you. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, you will find Bimotion software to be a valuable ally in your quest for creating and improving your own two stroke engine designs.


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