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The mega-wokes (wake me up when it's all over)

Wokes. I truthfully have nothing against these people. I support equality and justice for all races, religions and respect all sexual preferences. But at times, doesn't it feel like we may have gone too far?

I mean look. I get it. Many minorities have suffered a great deal over the last decades and centuries. But there are times when it feels like being cognizant of these facts, even showing extreme respect (and remorse over the historic injustices) is simply not enough.

I mean how far do we have to go to show genuine empathy for others?

Heck the other day I was having a discussion on this topic with an acquaintance (I have downgraded some friends to "acquaintances" as well, the term friend seems to be used too lossely these days...a "friend of mine owns this...a friend of mine said that.." is a line we here all too often even for people who we barely see or hardly know us intimately- head out of the gutter intimately can mean much more than doing it doggy style).

I said look, you happen to be in India and you come across a leper. The leper is likely contagious. You drop a few rupees in his bucket and smile, you pray to your God of choice and ask him to help the leper. Nice gesture right? You did what any good person would do no?

WRONG. Not enough for the mega wokes!

You see, these extremists would argue that you haven't done nearly enough. Your heart is no purer than that of the Grinch.

You only demonstrated sympathy you vile fool! What you should have down was show true empathy :Hug the leper, heck truly embraced him, press him or her against you and express to them how deeply sorry you are about the plight they find themselves in today.

You must truly feel what it would be like to be a leper. Don't just hug your diseased and highly contagious friend, kiss him! Or better yet, tongue him repeatedly like a gdamn woodpecker, and only then, once you will have contracted leprosy yourself will you truly feel what it is to a leper! Only then will you have really walked in his shoes (well maybe not literally as the dude actually had no legs). Gobble gobble till you can no longer wobble sorta speak..

We somehow have to find a better balance with all this, would you agree?

I mean look at the following examples. Pepe Le Pew, the stinky French skunk, gets cancelled because the mega-wokes feel he could be stereotyping the French? The Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz is offending too many people with low IQs? Hell even the poor Potato Head got send back to the potato factory as he was too....much of a man ? This will promote gender equality and inclusion (all noble virtues). Watchyatalkinabout Willis?!!

Please just wake me up when it's all over.

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